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TouchSpeak Designer comprises two discrete; but combinable modules. (1) TouchSpeak, to design, build and maintain the client’s communication Topic Vocabulary, its features and functions and (2) TypeSpeak, to design and build the client's conversational communication needs.  

The configurations and designs etc., are created using TouchSpeak Designer, needing minimal computer skills (on the familiar illustrative Windows Explorer structure), are held in the central database library. A valuable central resource available to all therapists etc, who can share vocabularies and all their respective elements.


Is the module for those with limited lower functioning skills, but able to access those symbolic features etc., to support their functional communication needs.. This is represented by the Vocabulary, a coherently organised set of interactive pages which contains all the symbols, images, photos and  text etc, under each respective TOPIC element, which allows the user to deliver the associated speech immediately.  A prepared set of predictive; but generalised, messages, questions and possible appropriate responses for the user's basic needs and preferences, to a listening 'partner'. 
  • Suitable for someone with only limited to moderate comprehension and cognitive skills
  • Who has reasonable dexterity; but may need Scanning and Switch assistance
  • With limited, impaired or no voice output
  • Where speed or response is not necessarily a primary objective 

Vocabulary features: Content & Configuration

  • The therapist builds the vocabulary collaboratively with their client
  • Normative (commonly-used content) vocabularies are provided to save you time in setting up client-specific pages
  • Test your design real-time using the on-screen Simulator
  • Different versions of the client's vocabulary can be deployed for their practical evaluation
  • Vocabularies are securely stored for easy recovery
  • The client has a real, positive and motivational role in the process
  • The vocabulary is transferred to the PDA via Microsoft ActiveSync or via a Memory Card
  • Import and Export to a Word file, in Text or as Pictures, for the client's case notes
  • The client's functional use is further supported by other unique features such as sophisticated Drawing or Sketching and the News feature etc.,

TouchSpeaks' functional features:  

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