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On-line Demonstration of TouchSpeak

Over the next few weeks, we will be launching an on-line visual demonstration
  • Introduction: the General Organisation and Wizard set up
  • TouchSpeak: Designing and Defining the Vocabulary Topics Content and the extensive modalities
  • News: a temporary topical vocabulary and the Drawing Gallery
  • TypeSpeak: Content and its modalities. Word and Letter prediction, keyboards and input methods, combining the use of the Message Gallery and Phrase Book and the real-time Simulator
  • Telephony: Sending and Receiving SMS and dialling and receiving calls, the personalised Phonebook
  • Scanning and Switch Access
  • How to guides and useful tips including ActiveSync Downloading to the PDA, the License, installing the Voices, Exporting & Importing vocabularies, printing comprehensive Word files etc. 

These will be updated regularly ... so Please keep in touch


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