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Welcome to TouchSpeak a leader in high-tech assistive technology.


ipaqTouchSpeak is the result of 12 years of continuous development and refinement of the original PCAD project - an Anglo-European consortium to produce MicroSoft Windows-based AAC (Augmentative and Alternative) communication software. 
The user can maintain their existing competencies and retain some independence and can be set up from just a dedicated device, to using all the devices' built-in features such as the camera and phone etc...

Although originally primarily dedicated for adults with acquired conditions, such as aphasia, it has successfully been used with other client groups - e.g. dyspraxia and motor neurone disease



TOUCHSPEAK. Totally user-configurable. Multi-level Topic-based Vocabulary for those requiring predominantly symbolic support
  • TYPESPEAK. Text to Speak.  Totally user-configurable. 
  • If required, a discrete module for higher functioning clients just needing assisted speech output. 
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